The Moore Law Team is a small Palo Alto-based law firm that is dedicated to resolving comples disputes through negotiation and litigation in the general commercial, private-entity and intellectual property fields. We specialize in representing individuals and small to medium sized companies, especially against Goliath-sized adversaries.


Where many law firms seek to leverage their own size, The Moore Law Team leverages its experience.  Our clients receive the personal attention of a very experienced litigator for both strategy and execution.  As a consequence, we can guide a dispute from initiation to resolution in the shortest, most cost-effective manner, thereby allowing our clients to persevere through the litigation process so that they can keep their energies focused on the continued growth and financial success of their businesses.


We litigate bigger than our size.  We have many resources on which to draw when circumstances demand them, such as networks of technical consultants, expert witnesses, litigation support vendors and fellow small law firms.  We also have close connections to various Internet-oriented civil rights groups.


Unlike large firms, we are able to keep strict control of our overhead.  What large firms throw into their operating costs and charge back to the clients, we outsource — including litigation support and document support vendors. This means that we protect our clients’ money because we have the capacity to expand in terms of adding qualified people and services to the team on an “as needed” basis.  As a result


  • There are no training costs to the client
  • We engage support from top-notch consultants, but only when necessary
  • We engage support from other law firms with whom we are closely networked, but only when necessary

To retain The Moore Law Team is to retain lawyers who measure their experience in decades, not years, who have been on the front lines of cases that have impacted the course of industries, who have seen enough and done enough to isolate the key areas of the other party’s strengths and weaknesses and who can adjust quickly as circumstances change.


We understand that in addition to personal service our clients want results and The Moore Law Team has a proven record of achievement.  We believe that clients are entitled to strong, effective advocacy during disputes, innovative advice for matters relating to intellectual property, and experienced, knowledgeable guidance for start-up companies.  Through hard work and meticulous preparation we have built an outstanding reputation for meeting our clients’ needs and achieving these results.


To retain The Moore Law Team is to retain lawyers who actually like their job and work very hard to be good at it.


At The Moore Law Team, we take a wide variety of interesting cases, and we choose our cases wisely.  When we agree to take a matter, we offer competitive billing rates and we are happy to discuss flexible fee arrangements that are mutually agreeable to the client and the firm.  Such arrangements may include, but are not limited to, taking the matter on a flat fee basis or on a partial or full contingency basis.


We are located in downtown Palo Alto, near City Hall.  Generally, we will set up an initial meeting free-of-charge to review the matter and to determine whether we can help.  That meeting is confidential and subject to the attorney-client privilege regardless of whether we accept the matter.